Why now is the right time to invest in Bajaj Finance fixed deposit

What makes this investment a safe bet is that it’s backed by high credibility ratings. (Bajaj Finserv)

After a slew of repo rate cuts, issuers across the country have dropped deposit rates by a few points. That said, the appeal of fixed deposit hasn’t dulled, as it offers guaranteed returns – something that’s of immense value in an investment landscape that’s facing a stormy weather. Therefore, as an investor, your focus should be on locking in the current FD rates before another repo rate cut is announced.

For investors seeking a steady growth of savings during these volatile times, Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit fits the bill perfectly. Here are four reasons why you should consider investing in the Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit right now.

Get guaranteed returns in a time of economic turbulence

Whether it is 2018’s 1-year returns, the economic slowdown, global trade war or uncertainty permeating investor sentiment, the current market has made apparent the risks involved in investing. In such a scenario, the offer of assured returns is hard to beat. With Bajaj Finance, you can earn up to 8.35% if you are a regular customer and up to 8.70% in case you are a senior citizen. Your FD yields these returns when you opt for a tenure of at least 3 years and receive interest payouts at maturity only.

What makes this investment a safe bet is that it’s backed by high credibility ratings. It carries a rating of FAAA by CRISIL and MAAA by ICRA. Together, these ratings indicate a stable investment environment with timely payouts.

Moreover, since your returns are assured, you can forecast them accurately by using the FD calculator. Here, for instance, is what you can earn through the Bajaj Finance FD over 3 years as senior or regular investor.

Strengthen your portfolio against market-related risks

Making fixed deposits a part of your investment plan is a smart move, especially in a market wherein volatile instruments have an unsure trajectory. By offering guaranteed returns, fixed deposits balance out the risks posed by other instruments. So, in the event that some of them fail, and there have been instances of instruments earning negative returns, your portfolio will still yield returns thanks to stable FDs.

Keep this in mind when investing, as it will help you allocate appropriate amounts to FDs and other instruments.

Obtain fixed returns for a lengthy tenure

Fixed deposits offer certain advantages over saving schemes like PPF. For instance, you can lock in an attractive interest rate and earn it throughout the tenor. PPF rates, on the other hand, are revised every quarter. While the rate a while back was 8%, it now is 7.9%. Should there be further rate cuts, your investment will suffer. However, this is not the case with an FD. The rate applicable is constant throughout. This means that you can forecast your gains before investing. If you invest Rs. 5 lakh for 5 years right now, you can be sure of earning the following amounts as returns.

Invest in an instrument that offers value-added features

Another benefit of investing in a Bajaj Finance FD now is that you get to benefit from a wide range of features. For instance, you have the multi-deposit facility, which allows you to invest in several FDs with a single cheque. You can also opt for the auto-renewal facility that keeps your investment running post maturity and gives you an extra 0.10% interest rate boost. While this amount seems small, its impact is significant. Here’s how.

With generous returns, investment stability and attractive features on offer, the Bajaj Finance FD is a great asset to have in your portfolio. To invest without any delay, book a call with an executive by filling a short online form.