Tesla Model 3 Sales Estimate Shows Sales Dip But Hanging Tough With Lexus, BMW, Mercedes: November 2019

Model 3 at Century City Los Angeles store.

The traditional car industry is in the throes of reckoning with the force of nature that is the Model 3.

But what happens when sales are off? Can the Model 3 still compete with popular luxury gas car models?

One estimate shows Model 3s in the U.S. weren’t being delivered in November at the torrid pace of a year ago or months prior.

CleanTechnica posted an estimate of 10,500 for U.S. November 2019 Model 3 sales. Last year the number for November was 18,650, as estimated by InsideEVs.

And that would be down from September of this year when U.S. Model 3 sales were estimated at over 19,000 by InsideEVs.

Yet, the November 2019 U.S. numbers for select top luxury vehicles vs the Model 3 show the Tesla sedan hanging in there against Lexus and the BMW 3, 4, and 5 series, and Mercedes C- and E-class.

  • Lexus sold 6,937 cars in November, down 14.2% from November of last year
  • The BMW 3, 4, and 5 series all tallied together were more or less the same (a little over 10,000) as the Model 3 — overall BMW passenger car sales were down 3%
  • Mercedes Benz C-class was 4,469, down 22.6% year over year, while E-class was 3,689, down 28.8% year over year
  • Audi sold 20,618 vehicles in November in the U.S., up 20.7% from last November

Of course, the Model 3 remains the best-selling EV by a huge margin in the U.S.

Sales of EVs such as Nissan Leaf and Audi e-tron were a fraction of Model 3 numbers in November, despite posting relatively good monthly numbers for those two EVs.

The bigger picture is that when the Model 3 has a good month (18,000 – 20,000), it’s often exceeding the best-selling legacy gas sedans. In a bad month, it’s still selling at a pace that no EV has sold at before — and still outselling some established luxury brands.